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H1 Armenian Public HD TV

On November 29, 1956 our mutual dream came true through the beautiful voice of the host Nara Shlepchyan: Public, that is, our and your, Television started broadcasting; the event eagerly anticipated by all of us had taken place. The first regular broadcasts were aired four times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, – 2 hours a day. In the early 1990s the Armenian H1 Public Live HD TV was comparably freed of censorship. Along with social and political broadcasts the entertaining shows had been increased. “Khchjankar” (Mosaic) program that on the last day of 1990 aired “Chjampordutiun depi 1991 Tvakane” (Travel to the Year of 1991) 24-hour telethon enjoyed great popularity. Company system which has already been successfully functioning in a number of TV companies-ОРТ, РТР, BBC, ABC. The TV Company obtained video servers and the wide opportunities available through computer graphics. In 2015 Public TV Company received an HD Mobile Television station equipped with 10 video cameras and an HD satellite broadcasting station within the frameworks of...

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