Armenia TV HD Satellite

"Armenia TV" was founded in 1998. First time it was aired on the 13th of January in 1999. From the very first day "Armenia TV Live HD Channel" provided 24 hours of broadcasting self-made programs and movies. Armenia TV is the top-rated TV channel based in Armenia. It is the first TV channel to broadcast in HD. It’s coverage is throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia and the whole world via an expanding network of cable and satellite open broadcasting and Internet networks. In 2015 Onlive Live HD Armenia TV launched series of thematic cable TV channels. Being the leading TV channel in Armenia and possessing innovative technologies, Armenia TV channel produces and offers a wide variety of shows such as cognitive, educational, entertainment, news, sports, morning and music programs, talk shows, the latest movies of the Armenian, Russian and foreign film industry and TV series of its own production, which appeal to a wide variety of viewers and get the highest ratings.

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